Thursday, April 21, 2011

Job Fair at LBCC

Hundreds of people filled the activity center at LBCC Thursday April 14th for the annual Career Fair. There were students and non-students all crowding the tables with a few representatives at each. Holly Hood a representative for Central Willamette tells me that, they are always looking for entry level teller positions, but they want people who want a career. Holly says, “we really are Friends for life".  Representatives for all of these places were very enthusiastic about what they do and the Company's they work for.  One of our Local radio stations was there, KGAL newstalk1580 which has all our Lebanon High school information; game scores and times, KSHO AM920 Has our local West Albany High information! Brian Holman, who is their Marketing Specialist,  tells me that they are trying to get satellite up and going so they can add a third station for South Albany’s information. As they sit now all of South’s information is kept up to date online.  Amber Kiker a local resident came to get the whole experience. Being new to town she felt “this is the perfect place to look for a job, the people are great!”  Our lovely mascot was also there to help support everyone and their efforts with the Career Fair.  Amber Kiker “I went up and rubbed his head for good luck.”

Friday, April 1, 2011

News Reporting!!!!

So my goal for this assignment is to interview someone in the dance club. I plan to be in contact with  
LBCC Dance Club, Advisor: Katherine Sanders, 541-917-4235   
 I plan to find out if they have any upcoming events and what in general they have been up to.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Just go with it"


 My lovely partner Jordan and I decided to go on a date and see the new movie out Just go with it! We chose this movie because I am in love with Adam Sandler!  This Movie came out on Feb 8, 2011. Directed by Dennis Dugan, Starring Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Nicole KidmanOn a weekend trip to Hawaii, a plastic surgeon Danny convinces his loyal assistant Katherine to pose as his soon-to-be-divorced wife in order to cover up a careless lie he told to his much-younger girlfriend. Trying to make things work in his favor only turns out for disaster!  

Analyze: Director Dennis Dugan does a lot of funny movies. He directed movies like Grown Ups, Big Daddy, and Parenthood.  But he was also the director for something totally not in that genre, NYPD blue, which we all know as a crime show.  He has a wide variety of shows and movies he has helped directing!  We all know Adam Sandler is known for his funny appearance in almost all movies he does. The only serious roll I think he has played was in Reign Over Me. I think when going into a movie with Adam Sandler we are expecting to laugh our asses off though. 

Interpretation: I would think that this movie really has no importance to our culture, just entertainment value.  I do have to say that it does reflect a trend in our culture, for making people laugh and to give hope that love is still out there. I think the intended audience is probably age defined. More like 18 and above and I say 18 because it’s really defined for the average college student out to try and get laid, just my opinion. Offensive messages it didn’t include, other than maybe using a wedding ring in the wrong definition.  But it seems in our generation people don’t take marriage seriously anyway. So you never know. Stereotypes I think would be the average male. (Woman’s opinion) using a device to take a women home and get some. But also showing that it can backfire!  Which was my favorite part! 

Evaluation: I will have to say that this movie gets an A++ from me!  I think this was one of his better movies. It definitely held up to my standards for Adam!  I think that the strengths for this movie were as fallows; great story line, awesome acting and actors! Weaknesses would have to be that the ending was predictable, but it didn’t take anything away from the movie.  This movie was memorable for sure! Considering I saw it last week and am still thinking about it! I would definitely see this movie again in theaters!  I think the fact that I laughed harder than I have in years is what helped make it memorable!

Engage:  I actually watch almost all of Adam Sandler’s movies. They are some of my favorites! I like to talk about his movies, with my family and I often find that most people love his movies!  I would for sure go and see any movie with Adam Sandler in it!  But have to say that I don’t go and look for any of his movies, but if I see he is in it at a red box I rent it for sure! 

Summary: I learned that Adam Sandler played a serious roll, which I didn't even know was possible. Also I really enjoyed finding more movies I have not seen, that I will now try to rent or stream!  

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

EXTRA CREDIT-The Illumination Project

 I really enjoyed watching the Illumination Project. I used to attend PCC and have seen some of the students on campus and also knew about this class.  It was really interesting to see the different view’s watching the people from the audience. Almost everyone had a different facial expression. Some were angry, some just were there to get credit and looked bored, and then some looked like they have been in that situation and what was being said onstage was just wrong and hurtful. I thought it was also very interesting to see how people would go up and change a situation. Our good ol’ Jordan himself got up there. And even though it was not a funny matter to see one student making fun of another Jordan knocked it out of the park! He really made good points and talked so calmly, which was so funny for me because he really does that in real life. I have seen it! He will call you on shit if he thinks it’s wrong! There was one portion that really got to me… and that was that there was a Latino girl working as a coffee shop worker, and one of the girls makes a comment that she shouldn’t work here if she can’t speak English, because she got her coffee order wrong. It affected me because that is a comment that is made far too often. And it is really hurtful. But also because I have worked in a coffee shop I also know how easy it is to screw up a coffee. Man oh man that is just not something you do... People are vicious about their coffee. LOL but people make those comments choosing to pick out others race, which in my opinion and many other is very wrong. A lot of what they showed was from personal experience and that was good to see that they use real life occasions but sad to see how racist people are. I have personally been in situations where because I was white I was looked upon as I shouldn’t have been in this restaurant that I went to. It was not a good feeling. So I could see where each one of these people was coming from. I think that them going to different schools and doing this helps people try and stand up for what they believe. If its race, or gender it doesn’t matter. I think it helps develop easy ways to stop hate!  I enjoyed watching people react to different ways that things can be handled! And i also loved watching the teacher be so proud of her students and the students that got up there to try and change a situation!


The Illumination project is something that is really cool, and at the same time, really eye opening. I love the fact that it is Interactive theater. It completely engages the viewers to jump in and best of all, speak their mind and attack in issue such as racism in a deep personal way. I find it extremely difficult to just sit and watch something and then process it later. This differs in the aspect that you have to process the scenes quickly and jump in when you feel something is wrong. I, of course, had to jump up on stage and interact. I caught myself quickly trying to process my thoughts and what i am going to say all while walking up the stage. It's an unreal experience for sure. It opens your eyes along with your mind, and makes you reflect and analyze your own behavior. Next time the Illumination Project come back to LBCC, i definitely recommend going to see them. 


Thursday, February 17, 2011


For this week’s blog we chose the Gazette Times!


I would have to say that the primary focus for this paper is local news. Talking about what is going on in our community. With a mix of a little Obama!  It always gives the sports section with good stats on Blazer scores and players. But also has a nice touch of our local high school basketball players.
This paper is organized into sections, with a mix of small and long articles. Photos there are many. But something I noticed was that there was at least one major photo on each page and the rest if there were any were very small and low key.  The kinds of things that were advertised were outdoor sports stores. (Oregon Outdoors) pets, (Animal crackers pet supply) Bridal show, banks, Etc. I wouldn’t say that there was a lot of advertising in the heart of the paper but there was enough.  But there was just a section to show what stores are having what sales. So a complete section that a reader can either chose to open or not.  First thing I noticed that was different from the hard copy vs. the online version was that the first page to come up online was all about sports. Not what was on the hard copy?  There was a portion of the online version to get all the coupons for this paper.


I have to say that I think what sets the Gazette Times away from papers like the Oregonian is that it really likes to give a mixture of what is going on in the city of Corvallis as well as a little about the world.  From what I can tell the editor really likes to focus on his community. But allows much space for things like Obama Cuts to our Federal Aid!   Greatest strengths for this paper would be the color pictures and the black and whites. The little things in the bottoms of the page that advertise for whatever it may be.  And the fact that you don’t have to search for what it is your looking for. You want classifieds you just go to the page you don’t have to tell exactly what you’re looking for. Online there seems to be a good amount to view.. Another downside to online is if you don’t have internet… no online…
Weaknesses: online can be good but getting to a spot can be difficult…. it can be a hassle and If you don’t know where to look then you may not find it online

I think the target would be a working person. That doesn’t normally get time to watch news or keep up on what is going on locally or worldwide.  I do not think the paper if targeted for children, or the guy that plays WOW all the time. Just working middle class.  The ads and photos and stories seem to fit very well and go together well. No offensive messages that I could find. I think writers these days pretty well do a great job of staying neutral.

I prefer to have a hard copy. I can get so lost online trying to find something I was told to see in the paper. The online versions make me crazy. Sometimes they can be helpful and you can get more information because people will get on and blog about a story. But other than that I see no point in having an online version.

I personally do not engage with the paper at all… But I know some older folks that make it an everyday habit and its part of their daily routine! And I do not follow them on facebook.

I learned that I really hate looking for things with the online paper! I think there should be more photos in a paper and more pages! Not just on Sunday!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Media Blog #2: "Sons of Anarchy"

Our show that we chose for this week’s blog was Sons of Anarchy. Sons of Anarchy is an American television drama series which airs on the FX cable network. It premiered in 2008, and in show's first season had 5.4 million regular viewers. 'Sons of Anarchy' was created by the producer of 'The Shield,' Kurt Sutter.

The series follows a notorious motorcycle gang which is the founding chapter of the Sons of Anarchy, located in Charming, California. They are called the Redwood Chapter. The main character is Jax Teller, vice president of the club. He begins to question himself and the club, which is the key drama in the story line. We watched it on DVR from last season airing on Jan 30th, 2011. It was Season 6, Episode 1. 

This episode is about Jax (the main character) going to Belfast to find his son that the Irish took. They fly a friend’s plane over and borrow bikes while they are there. After they arrive, they meet up with the local Sons of Anarchy chapter (Dublin) and start the search. The entire episode is full of excitement and you never know what’s coming next. They randomly get stopped on a back road by the Irish police, and the Sons end up beating all the cops, and even holding a few hostages to get some juicy information out of them and then going on their way. All the time they are in search of finding Jacks son Able. I have to say that Jax, Able, The priest, Jema (Jax mom) and Clay are all noteworthy!

 Sons of Anarchy in comparison to other Prime time network shows, in similar in ways, but also very different in others. It shows the family aspect, with loyalty, respect, and drama. Then on the other side, it shows the bad side of it all with violence and death. The process of watching the show was interesting. During the show we were looking for anything to be advertised; Shirts, cigarettes, beer, just about anything really. We were very shocked to see that every beer label was turned or blurred out so we couldn’t see it. It was like this on almost anything that could have a brand label or so on. On some of them, for example, the beer bottles, it was very easy to tell that it was a popular brand, but thanks to some very well placed bottles and blurs, we are not able to tell the brand. In the commercials, it was pretty apparent that they were targeting men. Some of these commercials included Beer, WWE(pro wrestling), New action/shoot em' up movies, and obviously, Motorcycles. They advertised with a stereotype that would be watching this kind of show.  I also wanted to see how much commercials change with the show. So we pulled up an episode of House to see what kind of commercials are in that. I was amazed at how different they were. More towards an everyday housewife and definitely family friendly, some of the advertisements included cars, IPods, and phone services like Verizon or T-Mobile.
I do believe that Sons of Anarchy is geared towards Men, but also they throw in the Women bikers and the family aspect to bring in women. They are your stereotypical hardcore biker dudes surrounded with drugs, sex, and violence. This particular episode was filmed in Belfast and I think they do not only a wonderful job on taping but the editing is done perfectly. I would have to say that Sons is not much like other shows that I have seen, maybe some movies about being poor and a part of a bad world. I think what makes this show unique is that they take you all over the world and show a brother hood in a sense. I think it’s just a drama yes, But it always keep you interested! At one point they kill off a main character! We are not used to seeing that! 
In Conclusion, Sons of Anarchy is an awesome show....if you are into that type of show. Critics love the show because it’s edgy and it crosses borders. It is a show that will keep you on your toes, and make your jaw hit the floor. Anna is a diehard viewer and Jordan says if he had more time, he would be a die hard. I think that this show reflects a lot of what the US culture wants in TV. It’s using a real life motorcycle gang and showing the in’s, the out's and the all-around of living that type of life. Its nitty, It’s gritty, but it’s damn good TV. 

Jordan Hunt/Anna Grace